Monday, 19 November 2012

Winter - lighting

Winter brings its own challenge: lighting.

I tend to do my work later in the day, so having an adequate light source is important. I used to sit under a large standing lamp, with a bright bulb.

However, my regular seat has changed and I am finding myself in the dark. Dark hair and a dark corner is a bad mixture.

I've been researching hobby lamps, daylight lamps and other lighting. I think a nice, bright, natural type light would suit me. I have a SAD (seasonal affective disorder) box lamp, and a craft desk based magnifying lamp. Both have as 'daylight' type bulb, and I like this as it is bright, white light.

Ideally a floor standing lamp would work well. I don't always have somewhere to clamp to, so if it is freestanding, that should be okay.

These lamps are expensive. I have been loathe to buy one due to the cost, and not really knowing which one to get. In the UK they range from approximately £50 to £140.

This option, on the other hand, is interesting as it incorporates various features - floor or clamp, and magnification.

It gets good reviews and seems reasonably priced.

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