Thursday, 22 November 2012


It's really odd, but recently I have noticed a lot of women whose natural hair looks like a wig! I always find this mildly comforting. I am a harsh critic of my own hair choices, because I would rather not walk around looking like an extra from Hairspray. However, while I am focused on a less is more ideal, it strikes me as rather ironic that many women seem to be adopting quite the opposite.

I have seen -
  • Super dense natural hair that was puffily blown out giving a wig rooty/sheitel look
  • Super dense, and very long extensions 'look' that seemed like a heavy FLW
  • Extremely teased/back combed roots giving a permatease appearance
  • The full, full, full fringed Bob - that just reminds me of my attempts to disguise a wig rim (and many of my fellows alopecia buds do this in regular wigs and toppers - not out of choice!)

I guess it is interesting to see people un-selfconsciously choosing these styles, whereas people with hair loss tend to think of themselves as being forced into these styles that we would not otherwise choose. 

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