Saturday, 17 November 2012

The things I hate about wigs...

Thought I would think about, and note down, the things I have disliked about past wigs, or even about other people's wigs (*gasp*).

  1. Too much hair/too dense.
  2. Forward ventilation on the vertex - it always falls in your eyes and is not how normal hair grows in general.
  3. The hair being the same length on the ear tab lower edge as the rest of the 'head' - no one's 'sideburns' are like this.
  4. The nape hair being really dense - it feels strange against the neck.
  5. The drawn through parting/silk top that is also forward ventilated - it never seems to part easily and you cannot force that hair against 'the grain'.
  6. 'Silk' tops that are not silk and are shiny and griddy.
  7. Split ends and hair that splits after cutting AKA processed hair that comes from goodness knows where.
  8. Open wefts.
  9. Massive ear tabs and lots of hair from temple to ear tab - you can never tuck all that behind your ear.
  10. Wigs that feel like a hat - most wigs feel like this to me... Only hand tied ones feel light and non-hat-like.

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