Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Apologies for lack of updates/my silence...

I have been so busy that wig making took a back seat. I recently organised a 2nd Wigs and Head Covers Event in London, which was very successful and have also been getting on with other things at home.

The good news is that I am nearly finished with making the wig foundation!

I am hoping to finish it tonight. After I have finished it, I will take some pictures to post on here and probably shoot some video to upload to You Tube. I am really proud of it. I tried the cap on again before I resumed sewing it down and spent some time pinning it to see if I could get a better fit. The end result of which was that I realised it did fit me okay and that I would only make it fit me worse if I started to fiddle with it and tuck areas. So for this first go at making a proper wig foundation, I think I have done very well - it looks neat. In fact it seems a lot better than I thought it would, so I am very pleased.

The next step is ventilation. I will, of course, be blogging about that too... so stay tuned.


  1. I think it looks really really nice!!! It looks professionally made, no joke.. Good job for your firs time. I can only imagine how the other foundations will look when you do more!!