Monday, 18 February 2013

Guest Post: How to make baby hair look finer and more natural on a wig or hair piece

My good friend, Melanie, who hosts a Brazilian Portuguese alopecia and wig blog:, agreed to write a guest blog post for my blog. You can find her blog post below. Incidentally, if you are in Brazil and looking to buy a lace wig or hair piece, check out Melanie's blog, as she also sells them and sometimes bonding products such as adhesive and scalp protector. You can contact her via her email:


Baby Hair

I've been sort of obsessed with baby hair over the past month or so. I often catch myself looking at other people's heads and noticing the baby hair around the front and back of their hairlines. Yeah, weird, I know, but to all wig wearers that's just sort of normal. We want to know if our wigs are passable as normal, growing human hair.

One of the problems I've had with my wigs is unnatural looking baby hair, especially on cheap Chinese-made lace wigs. With some help from Mr. Google and some wig/hair forums I found a rather unexpected method which promised natural looking flimsy baby hair.

How to make baby hair look flimsy:

Products needed:
Wig with unnatural baby hair
A little bit of Nair (Yeah, that cream used to remove body hair!)
Sink, running water, mild moisturizing shampoo.

  • Turn the tap on and make sure the water is running warm.
  • Apply a little bit of Nair to the tips of the baby hair. Don't apply it too near the roots or it will weaken the hair too much.
Nair - applied and processing
  • Count 20-30 seconds (I let it stay on for 30 seconds as I was dealing with very thick Chinese hair). Immediately rinse all the Nair off, and just to be sure it's all out, wash the baby hair with mild moisturizing shampoo. Let it air dry.
  • Tah dah! Your baby hair will be a lot finer and more flimsy, much like naturally growing baby hair. 
Here's some pictures to demonstrate this technique...



Comparison of Before and After